Nothing's better than a cup of tea...

Hi! My name is Dazzle, at least on the internet. You can also call me just Star. I love drawing, writing and trying new things as well. I hope to be an animator and create comic books someday. I hope you enjoy my content.

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A little About Me!

You want to know more about me? Weird...

  • 22

  • She/Her

  • INFP-T

  • Ace


  • DazzleBlitz

  • Bubbly Star

  • DazzleNova(old)

  • DazzleBliss(NewGrounds only)

Things I like:

  • Anime

  • Kawaii Culture

  • Vocalsynths (VOCALOID,UTAU, etc.)

  • Pokemon(mostly Gen 5)

  • My Little Pony(G3)

  • Spongebob (best show ever!)

  • Genshin Impact

  • Touhou

  • 2000s Nostalgia

Things I Usually Draw:

  • Anthro

  • Fantasy creatures

  • Manga-style (I try at least...)

  • Fan Art

  • Kawaii/Cute

Check Out my Work!

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DNI/Do Not Follow Warnings

Look, I know people always do these "Do Not Interact" things in their profiles, but I have a good reason to write these down.
There are some people who would not like to be followed because they don't want to worry about posting/retweeting certain things that their followers wouldn't like. I'm one of them, and I don't like feeling I'm responsible for anything that I can't really control, like someone might possibly be offended by a humorous drawing of Miku being in horny jail or something(and yes I did drew that).
Anyway, let's begin:

  • If you don't like/or a fan of the things I draw(I draw a lot of vocalsynth fanart and my OCs as well).

  • If you don't mind my interests, because I would sometimes retweet/talk about stuff related to them(If you don't know, see About Me)

  • If you hate curse words in any way(because I do curse sometimes).

  • If you don't like me talking about my feefees sometimes (I guess I understand :(...I mostly post this kind of stuff on Mastodon, but if I happen to post that stuff on twitter, I apologize).

  • I have weird sense of humor, just throwing that out there. If you don't like weird, that's OK and you don't have to follow me.

  • Certain aesthetics: like Babycore, Kidcore, Kawaii, etc. I retweet these things very often. If this is not your thing, or you even downright hate it, please don't follow, I don't like making people upset for any reason.